Old West Frontier Replica Nickel Finish, Ivory Grips Revolver Non-Firing Gun

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Non-Firing Replica
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This non firing replica old west pistol has a 5.5" barrel and a nickel finish. Open the loading gate, cock the hammer, spin the cylinder, pull the trigger and let the hammer fall...just like in the old days.


Finish: HIgh Polish Nickel

Grips: Faux Ivory

Barrel Length: 5.5"

Non-Firing Replica
Cannot Ship To:

6 Reviews

  • Posted by Connor Norasing on Nov 4th 2021


    Beautifully crafted, amazing for display

    The weight and the gleam of the gun makes this a perfect replica for display. If any cosplayers are in the market for a western gun, this is the one! Just keep the weight in mind and make sure you get the right holster!

  • Posted by Michael Swain on Feb 25th 2021


    Old West Frontier Replica Nickel Finish, Ivory Grips Revolver

    This is a very well made replica. The weight is great it looks really good, even with the faux ivory grips you couldn’t tell until it’s in your hands. The mechanistic work great on the one I purchased. Overall this makes a great addition to my collection. & to any Western Gun Collector this is a great addition. Fast shipping & great customer service. This is my 5th gun purchased from them & will continue to purchase from them.

  • Posted by Jack on Sep 9th 2020


    Old West Revolver

    My wife is an excellent leather enthusiast. My favorite cowboy was a B western star named Buck Jones who died in 1942s Coconut Grove's Fire in Boston. She made me a rig that looks just like he gave it to me. My late mother bless her soul tried to make me one, it sure was fun to play with but it wasn't exactly right. But my wife Teresa nailed it completely. But something was always missing then I realized what it was. Good guy cowboys in the westerns usually always wore nickel finish Ivory grip pistols in their holsters, to set them apart from the bad guys. Who's six guns had a blue steel finish with a brown wooden grip (like Charles King). Now my Buck Jones rig is complete, he's excellent and can watch my vast movie collection of Buck usually always wearing this rig and knowing that I have it. He had around 7 of them and they seem to be missing. it's not the one that is representing him in the Cowboy Hall Of Fame or whatever it is called. He took this rig with him on his last War Bond Selling tour while in the mist of the Rough Rides Series. In which he sported a brown rig for eight of the nine features. It is my belief that he was going to change to the new 3 piece buckle set that was starting to be worn by almost every B western cowboy. However Bob Livingstone and his brother Jack Randall was wearing these these as far back as 1936, but they didn't catch on until the 1940s. Buck made 75 talking features and had a silent B western career before that in which he wore his rig # 1, that looked nothing like his rig in the talkies. I have 74 of the talkies, can't find the other one nowhere and about 3 or 4 silents, so I'm a happy camper.

  • Posted by Steve Jacobson on Sep 3rd 2020



    Great replica. Smooth mechanism. Bought 2. Love them

  • Posted by David Paul Innes on Jun 16th 2020


    A lawman's pistol

    Shiny like polished stainless. The finger grooves on the grips were a nice touch. It's very similar to a lawman's gun in Dodge City or Tombstone. Great detail, quality, at a great price!

  • Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2020


    Old West Nickle finshed, Ivory grips Peacemaker

    Gun is a great replica. Cylinder movement is a little sloppy and Shell loading door is stiff to open fully, but it is a replica and not a real gun. For being a replica and for the price it is a great working piece. The finish and grips are very realistic.