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Though traditional pirates are commonly shown today as renegade outlaws terrorizing the seas in search of new treasures, many of the first pirates were actually paid by European governments as a naval mercenary force to interrupt supply chains and drain enemy resources. Life on a pirate ship was hard, spending months at sea with little resources and no healthcare. Long periods of boredom were punctuated by battle that could often end in brutal boardings where wounds often meant infection and death.

The Collector’s Armoury offers over 60 authentic, affordable, quality pirate replicas, souvenirs, and decorations, including pirate swords, cutlasses, flintlocks, dagger pistols, pirate hats and pirate flags, treasure maps and much more. At the Collector’s Armoury we try to bring history to life for everyone. We hope you enjoy your experience with us, in fact, we guarantee it.

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