Napoleon Bonaparte's Sword Replica

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Step into the shoes of the iconic Napoleon Bonaparte and relive the grandeur of his conquests with our meticulously crafted replica sword. Made from durable metal and accompanied by a sleek removable plastic scabbard, this piece measures approximately 34.6 inches in length and weighs approximately 2.32 pounds.

Napoleon Bonaparte, renowned as the Emperor of France (1804-1815), left an indelible mark on history with his military brilliance and sweeping reforms during the French Revolution. As one of the most formidable military minds in history, Napoleon conquered vast swathes of Europe, orchestrating campaigns of unparalleled scale and complexity. While not without setbacks, his aggressive pursuit of conquests reshaped the landscape of European warfare, mobilizing unprecedented numbers of soldiers.

Embrace the spirit of Napoleon's early 19th-century conquests with our DENIX reproduction sword and immerse yourself in the epic tales of his legendary reign.


Length: 34.6"

Weight: 2.32 lbs

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No Restrictions