MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) Machinegun - Non-Firing Replica

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Non-Firing Replica
Cannot Ship To:
CT, IL (Chicago, Aurora), KS (Topeka), MN, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, WI


An exacting reproduction of the infamous MG 34 machine gun, made of metal, wood and plastic, with simulating loading and firing mechanism, and mobile bipod.

The MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) is a German recoil-reloading and air-cooled machine gun, introduced in 1934. It is considered the world's first general-purpose machine gun (light, bipod-equipped and heavy, tripod-equipped). It is capable of sustaining a high volume of fire, without sacrificing movement speed, or tactical flexibility. It was in service from 1936 to 1956.

The main design of the MG 34 was carried out by Heinrich Vollmer of Mauser, who was based on a model by Louis Stange of Rheinmetall, which had just entered service in Switzerland.

The MG 34 could use either 50- or 75-round tape drums as well as 50- or 250-round ammunition tapes. The ammunition it fired was 7.92 x 57 Mauser caliber and had an effective range of 1200 m with a bipod and 3000-3500 m with a tripod. It had a rate of fire of 800-900 rounds per minute, much higher than the British Bren or American Browning machine guns, which had a rate of fire of about 500 or 600 rounds per minute.

The German Army had managed to manufacture a multipurpose machine gun, and with which their divisions, both armored and infantry, were equipped. Even the German air force used a version of the same model, albeit modified for use in aircraft. Only about 350,000 units were manufactured due to their high cost due to their laborious and careful manufacturing.

Today, there are still many armies in the world that employ machine guns developed from the basic configuration of the MG 34.

Relive the most famous battles of WWII with this historical Denix Replica!
Wood Stock
Simulated Loading and Firing Mechanism
Functional Bipod
Material: Metal (Zinc Alloy), Wood, Plastic
Length: 48.03"
Weight: 15.30 Lbs

Note: All post 1898 replicas have an orange plug at the end of the barrel as required by law

Non-Firing Replica
Cannot Ship To:
CT, IL (Chicago, Aurora), KS (Topeka), MN, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, WI

5 Reviews

  • Posted by CHARLES BROYARD on Apr 21st 2022


    Hefty weight!! Pretty detailed )

    14 lbs/11oz.. A "world" of detail. Flip up front,rear sights.Front sight notch does not go up/down and action cover does not open, but it would cost more if it did.

    Remember it is a display model. Robust wood shoulder stock and hand grip mounting is sized for MG-42 type (wide) attaching clip. Bipod is robust All in all,it is a "pretty heavy" piece. Denix really outdid themselves bringing this to market (at a reasonable price, also)m Well worth the sight. No wonder large stature soldiers were issued this weapon.!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Charles L BROYARD on Mar 29th 2022


    Hefty weight!! Pretty detailed

    Very worthy replica, and worth the price !!!!!!!!!!!!! ( buy a sling for it !!!!!!!!!!)

  • Posted by Andrew Evans on Jan 3rd 2022



    Received this amazing replica in early December. Collector's Armoury were fantastic in communicating updates as to when the item would be shipped. Item itself is exceptionally impressive, well worth the money!

  • Posted by carl orlando on Sep 13th 2021


    Amazing replica

    Its probably one of the best additions to my giant collection. Collectors armory was great in emailing me info on when the pre-order would be available. Fast shipping once they received their inventory.

  • Posted by Ryan Keene on Aug 5th 2021


    Looks amazing.

    A serious replica for WW2 enthusiasts. This replica looks just like the real thing, and feels like it too. The build quality is good, but not meant for hard play. I did have an issue with the cocking handle coming off during shipping but I have managed to reattach using a screw and washer. On display this is a true attention getter especially with the sling and dummy belt I have loaded into it.(purchased separately) DENIX really stepped up their game with this. I wish I could share a picture.