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Non-Firing Replica


Originally designed and built in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s. These rifles were popular from the Revolutionary War to well into the 19th century. They played an integral role in the early western expansion and are most often associated with Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. The Kentucky rifle was one of the first to feature a "rifled" bore which made it extremely accurate for its time.

Length: 59"
Weight: 5 lbs.

Non-Firing Replica

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Jonathan Sanborn on Dec 25th 2019


    Kentucky Long Rifle arrived damaged

    Rifle arrived as a present for our daughter at Christmas. The rifle was packaged in 2 layers of cardboard, and was marked fragile. Box arrived in excellent condition, with not even a dent or scuff mark on it. When our daughter opened it for Christmas today, the rifle looked good, except that the flash pan assembly had broken off where it mounts to the rifle. There may be a chance that the piece can possibly be glued back in place with some very strong glue, but this is a break that is part of the molded steel / iron, which is a major issue. So it appears that the there was no protective foam or any other layer of protection to keep undue pressure from distressing the flash pan, which you can see in the photo is the highest part of the rifle assembly. The gun itself was loose inside the box as well, with no wrapping, no padding, no anything to keep it secured or safe from scuffing. Other than that, the rifle looks O.K. I am hoping that customer service can somehow make this right. Shipper needs to add bubble wrap or some other protection in the future!